Welcome to my website!

Here you will find a sample of these
collectible poems that I have written over a
26 year period that has helped me during
my continuing recovery from a very severe
traumatic brain injury. As I slowly came
out of a six week coma, I discovered that I
was a different person; I had lost my
identity and many cognitive abilities. That
loss led to depression and grief. Poetry
helped me on my journey to recovery by
expressing my feelings from despair to
hope. It gave me a feeling of purpose. For
those of you who have experienced a loss
of self, I hope that my poetry will bring
you hope. I also hope that my poems will
be helpful to family members who have a
loved one with a traumatic brain injury.

Hopefully, this website may enlighten you
to see life clearer through the eyes of all
people whether white, black, red, yellow,
brain injured, mentally disabled, etc.  We're
all the same because we all have thoughts
and feelings that have importance. We all
mirror each other in some way.

Enjoy my website & come back often!
R e c o v e r y   in   P o e t r y...
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This is my companion,
Mandy. Everywhere she
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Deb's Tip

Working hard in
life guarantees
mentally and
Get to work!


Take time to share what
you have to contribute,
Your thinking can be
abstract and absolute,
Life would not be an adventure,
If we all had the same stature,
As well as limitations,
Thankfully we are all
different creations.
What you have to provide,
Is unique and like no other world-wide.
Pass along what has been given
to you,
This is the way for our
journeys to continue.

You are the only
one in charge
of your own
don’t blame your
mood on someone
else’s existence.